Thoughts on Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu, I choose you!

It was the 90s, Pokemon had just come out and I had just gotten my copy of Red from Toys R Us. It didn’t get better then that. Catching Pokemon, trading with friends. I had the cards and the toys and watched the shows and movies, heck, I even had the comics. Needless to say, I was a big Pokemon fan. Fast forward to now, I haven’t touched a Pokemon game in almost 20 years. I’m a dad now, but my girls are too young for Pokemon, but then it comes out. Detective Pikachu. It’s edgy enough for adults, silly enough for kids, and Ryan Reynoldsy enough to convince my wife to watch it with us. Overall, this is the best video game movie I have ever seen. Not in oh it’s so bad it’s good, but in a legitimate way. This movie had it all, it begins with our hero, played by a fantastic Justice Smith trying to catch a Pokemon and failing. After that point the pacing never lets up as we are whisked through a town where Pokemon cohabit with humans. The film has tons of great in-jokes for Pokemon fans, and even though I hadn’t watched or played in years, I got most of the jokes. Ryan Reynolds was fantastic as Pikachu and you can really feel him in there. The CG was top notch and even better than what Disney is doing with their films. 

The plot is pretty straightforward a boy searching for his dad teams up with a talking Pikachu. There are some good, but predictable twists, it is a kids movie after all.  However, there is still some great Pokemon action, and the real looking Pokemon came out looking great. It was fun to see how cute and cuddly Pokemon translated to the real world. In short, if you ever loved Pokemon, or have kids that do, this movie is a must. It may not make your top ten, but it’s a great way to spend two hours. 

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